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Ben Bernanke Beats Deflationists Into Submission With His Money Stick

November 30, 2011

We've got a new slogan for deflationists.  Deflationists: Wrong Since the Advent of Fiat Currency.

It's been the never-ending, battle royale of the economic world ever since the looming end to this financial system became starkly clear in 2008.  Will the western governments, almost all completely incapable of paying the gargantuan debts enabled by democracy, central banking and fiat currency, allow the system to collapse (deflation) or worm their way out of it via inflation, until we live in a hyperinflationary apocalypse?

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Jeff Berwick on

November 28, 2011

Jeff Berwick is in transit from the San Francisco Hard Assets show to Mexico. In the meantime, check out this interview Jeff did recently with

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The Weekend Vigilante

November 25, 2011

Hello from chilly San Francisco!

It's been a whirlwind month for me, from Argentina to Montreal to San Francisco.  I'll be wrapping it up this week at the Hard Assets show and then will be returning to my beach condos in Acapulco.  But, the craziness doesn't stop there. I'll be getting married on the beach in Acapulco on December 2nd... and, from what I hear, Mexican weddings last anywhere from 3-15 days... so, by Christmas, if I and my liver are still alive, I should be looking forward to a few weeks on the beach to replenish and get rested up for what the Mayans keep saying is going to be a wild 2012.

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The Final Word

November 24, 2011

We were encouraged that Ed Bugos' response to Jason Hamlin's article ("Capitalism Needs Regulation") encapsulated in "Why Max Keiser and Jason Hamlin Are Wrong" (Parts One and Two), was so well received.

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Italy a Perfect Example of the Despotism of Democracy

November 24, 2011

[Editor's Note: We would like to introduce Alexander Jousse as our new TDV correspondent for Italy.  Below is a short bio from Alexander and following is his first dispatch from northern Italy]

Alexander Jousse (

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Be Thankful If You Were Not Born in the US

November 23, 2011

Being born in America at anytime between 1623 and 1970 would have been quite a stroke of luck.  You would have lived in one of the freest, most productive, and because of that, most prosperous regions on Earth.  Luckily, America got its heavy socialism out of the way right from the get-go.

In 1621, the pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock, had initially imposed a form of managerial socialism.  The concept, like it is today, was for no one to have private property rights and to donate the fruits of your labors into a pool with everyone else and to then distribute those labors by need.  The experiment, like every other experiment in socialism, ended in nearly everyone starving to death.

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Riots in the USSA

November 22, 2011

Some of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and other related protests have begun to get ugly... and this is just the beginning.  It was only June 21st of this year ("Riots and Mobs Coming to a Town Near You") where we predicted much of what we are now seeing in the US.  We received a lot of feedback from that article calling us alarmists... yet it is now only five months later and many of the photos and videos coming in from across the US shock even us.

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Occupy.... Something

November 21, 2011

As I write I am on a plane heading back from Montreal to Cabo San Lucas.  While I managed to stay out of jail in Montreal I did get thrown out of two taxis - again for the heinous crime of having an electronic cigarette - and, as always in Canada, I had a few guys want to fight me.  A fellow conference attendee was jumped in downtown Montreal and beat up fairly badly and robbed as well.  That's fairly par for the course in Canada.  The funny part is that the Canadian school and media propaganda keeps telling Canadians they are the nicest and friendliest people on Earth and, by rote, any Canadian will tell you that.

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The Weekend Vigilante

November 19, 2011

Hello from Montreal,

It has been an enjoyable conference here in Montreal.  Thank you to all the vigilantes that turned out, we were surprised to learn how many french Canadians are readers!  We were also interested to find out directly from them that while they dislike government, they were not in favor of the "separation" movement of the past few decades.  For those that don't know, the province of Quebec has considered separating from Canada on a few different occassions.  In 1980 they held a referendum and separation was turned down by 60% of the Quebec populace.  They tried again in another referendum in 1995 and the "no" vote won, but only by a 50.6% to 49.4% margin.

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Why Max Keiser and Jason Hamlin Are Wrong - Part II

November 18, 2011

[Ed. Note: This is Part II of Ed Bugos' response to Max Keiser and Jason Hamlin on the Regulation of Capitalism]

Before continuing our rebuttal of Jason’s argument let me say that I do not expect to convince anyone of everything in one or two essays.  After all, my conviction didn’t come from one essay either.  It came from reading many books and essays, and many years of reflection.  I started out my life as an anti-communist because the commies chased my family out of my birthplace in Eastern Europe.  I became a progressive conservative (oxymoron) in my teens, not knowing any better, and then a libertarian in my late twenties.

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