Protesters Demonstrate During The Republican National Convention

SHEMITAH EXPOSED II: The Most Disturbing Events and Trends We Face in September and Beyond

On July 14th we released a video called “SHEMITAH EXPOSED: Financial Crisis Planned For September 2015“.  On July 15th I put out a one sentence […]

Shemitah Trends Times Square small Dollar Vigilante Cover

Shemitah Trends In Times Square and on USA Watchdog

Last month was the worst for US stocks in the month of August in 17 years and on the first trading day in September, US stocks had their […]

Shemitah Trends Book The Dollar Vigilante2

My New Book, “Shemitah Trends: The Plot to Enslave Humanity And How to Find Freedom” Just Released

As we enter this very interesting month of September, and with the Dow down another 469 points today, I have just released my book, “Shemitah […]

PressResetEarth Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilante

Jeff Berwick on the Shemitah, Economic Collapse, Media Hoaxes and Expatriation

I had the pleasure of being on PressResetEarth this weekend. Of course we had to talk about the markets, recent crashes and the upcoming Shemitah […]

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